E-Readers, iPads and What I Learned Today


The iPad got journalists, eBook publishers, writers, editors — all of us in this strange world of publishing — revved up. Newspapers, so long seen as dinosaurs facing extinction, we decided, might just live on. And that meant that maybe the rest of the world of publishing had a chance, too. And that was just the impact of the iPad.

With all the tablets following in iPad’s footsteps, we now have LOTS of ways to read magazines and newspapers, and of course to hook into all those other things we do on the iPad. (sidenote: Ebooks need to be coded to be read on all of these devices, a process that we find challenging at times, but doable with the application of great persistence.)

I’m  a dedicated eReader fan myself when it comes to reading books. But when my newspaper went to digital-only 3 days a week, both paper delivery and digital on the other 4, I was thrown into a huge adjustment phase. My morning coffee &  my newspaper — these had been my companions for years. I complained, I whined, I kvetched.

I noticed this morning that I’ve adjusted. I enjoy scrolling through the paper on my Kindle Fire. I like the popups and the quick hops I can make to further info or to see what the NY Times is saying about the same story.

How quickly we change!