Trade Paperback Covers


At last – more options! We needed it.

Check out Amazon’s Createspace for the new matte cover stock option. With the lengthy list of standard paperback sizes plus the cover options, we have pretty much matched what we had been going to Ingram’s LightningSource for.

There’s been alot of discussion about the matte – do they feel to rubbery? Are they as clear a rendition of the cover art as is glossy? Seems preferences come out in every discussion, and those of us in publishing are wary of personal preferences. We always want to look at genre, art style, the book’s story and the market before making cover decisions.

Look at these covers and you’ll see that some cry out for the clarity of glossy and others for the touch of matte.

Check out all the options and keep an eye on the market. Glossy covers on 6×9 books has become a marker of a self-published book, chiefly because that size and that cover coating is the default on Createspace, made that way no doubt because it used to be, oh so many months ago, the standard for trade paperbacks from major publishers. So, book size and cover coating is something to keep in mind because — just a thought — it’s a rare writer who aspires to appear self-published.