About that Resolution to Blog and Facebook and Tweet and…


It’s about that time of year when we all look back and many of us — like yours truly — recall that this was the year we would blog. And Facebook. And Tweet. And Pin. And so on.

And did we? Did you?

Or did you do something much more important this year like write another novel? Or discover through watching yourself, watching and noticing, for example, whether you blogged with relish or with reluctance, if you Facebooked with glee and if you tweeted at all — and  thus were able to home in on the personal best methods for your connection to the world?

Because that’s what social media is about: connecting. If you’re not connecting on it, then don’t do it. Period. Spend your time on activities that mean something to you.

And me? I did some of one, some of another, deciding Pinterest was not for me. Oh, I can look at pictures all day long, but that activity did not really connect me with anyone else, not really.  And tweeting is a fun diversion. I entered a few chats, had a bit of fun following the #twerking #politics and #whatever was topping the tabloids that day, and I do like dropping in there now and again to see who is saying what, adding my two cents. Lots of good quotes there, too. Those are inspiring. I find I connect like one did at the cocktail parties of old – a bit here, a bit there. Touching base.  Of course, I can do that on Facebook, too.  And I do. I also discover the latest game crazes there, like the über cute Candy Crush which suddenly was ubiquitous. And I keep up with my writer friends, often finding out their latest books and readings. They touch base; I check in with them. It’s a good water cooler spot for me.

But enough about me. What about you?

Have you chosen the social media that has meaning for you? Because if you are seeking the secret to social marketing, there it is. It’s all in the personal meaning and in the creation of honestly real connections.