What Is Harlan Editorial?

Short answer to the question: We provide editorial support for websites and writers.

But who wants a short answer? Not a writer, though we’ve been holding back as much as possible to the bare facts on our Harlan Editorial site. We figure if you’re interested in what we’ve said, you’ll contact us and you’ll talk with the owner, Judith Harlan, and if you like what she says, we’ll get to know each others’ goals, talents and plans.

Jude on Cinque Terre Trail Italy

Judith (Jude) Harlan

Meanwhile, here’s the scoop on the owner and the company: Judith Harlan is a writer and has plied her trade for the last decade or two as a business journalist, then Web content ghost-writer and editor, and e-marketing and networking professional, and as co-owner and co-founder of Lucky Bat Books.

In 2016, she wrapped all that experience up in publishing an online community website and e-magazine for women over 50 — Me-AtLast! Women On Purpose, reaching out to women who say, “My Turn!” at last.

The goal of Me-At Last!: empowering all of us to live the third act — that very powerful time of life — to the fullest.

She actually likes this Web stuff and even though she wrote a few books back when, she loves the short format of the Web. She even twitters now and again. She’ll give you some fun and fascinating input into the art of communicating online. And, more than that even, she’s perpetually excited about the sometimes crazy, always exciting, new ways in which we’re all connecting and talking and reading in these fast-moving days of publishing.

Contact us via Judith’s LinkedIn profile, or via the contact page. Thank you!

See Facebook for more on Me-At Last! https://www.facebook.com/Me.At.Last.WomenOnPurpose

And for Lucky Bat Books https://www.facebook.com/LuckyBatBooks/

See Judith’s Google profile.