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Together in that moment when a woman Says, “My Turn.”

We weren’t born yesterday, but don’t think that means we’ve mellowed. We haven’t.
We are simply considering a new question: What do I do with the power of this phase and age?
And we’ve said those three life-changing words: “It’s My Turn!”

Have you reached that certain age? The powerful age? When the question lurks on the fringes, awakens you in the middle of the night, captures us as you plug along in traffic. Why am I here and what do I want to do with this very powerful part of my life?

My older years, my over-50 years, my golden, senior, elder, crone, call-it-what-you-will years.
These are Powerful years. Yes, I use that word purposefully: Powerful. For women over fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty and even ninety, there is power in our lives. We’re making conscious choices about what we want in our lives and what we no longer accept.

We find our core, our center, our heart, and that ‘place’ begins to rule our choices.
We are Women On Purpose.

We gather at Me-At Last! to share and learn how to take our turn and make the most of these precious years.

Me-AtLast-Women On Purpose