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You’ve written a book. Your readers are waiting. Now you want to get the book published.

Our job is to make it easy for you. I’m a publisher, co-founder of Lucky Bat Books, but you know what I really am?  I’m a book shepherd, a managing editor, and a publishing coach, the one who walks you through the process of bringing your book to life. The one who talks you through the decisions — and there are hundreds of them — that you make as we publish your book.

Changes, Changes, Everywhere Changes


Our Lucky Bat Books logo is a wufu, the Chinese symbol for the Five Happinesses: health, wealth, long life, good luck and tranquility. Live the Writer’s Life – Live the Wufu!

The publishing world has changed and continues to change.  A decade ago, ebooks were just a twinkle on the horizon; today, they make up a growing percentage of writers’ sales. Online sales have grown, too, digging deep into all bookstore sales, transforming the way bookstores do business.  The writer’s life morphed along with the business, as writers took charge of their backlists and of their careers, utilizing all segments of the publishing industry, from traditional percentage-based to pay-upfront self-publishing.

Ebooks and trade paperbacks lead the market today, and what will tomorrow bring?

I think we all try to predict the future. I know at my company we keep up with the trends. We must, if we are to provide guidance to our writers. And we do, because we love being trendsetters ourselves.

Lucky Bat Books’ co-founder is the brilliant writer and editor, Cindie Geddes, and our team is a group of talented and professional writers, artists, book designers and editors — good people who care about the authors in our flock. Shepherds all.

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